Your Photos Are Irreplaceable. Get Them Off Your Phone

As the resident tech expert among my family and friends, I often find myself making house calls when someone’s computer won’t cooperate. During a recent project, I found myself tasked with swapping out a hard drive, and I asked the person if he needed me to back up his photos and other data first. He… Read More »

The Cyber-Avengers Protecting Hospitals From Ransomware

The Czech incident made it clear to Zaidenberg that his fears were justified. Israel was in the process of locking down, and he knew he would soon have a lot of time on his hands. He also knew his cybersecurity skills could help prevent attacks like the one in the Czech Republic. After all, he… Read More »

The National Guard’s Fire-Mapping Drones Get an AI Upgrade

More than 3 million acres of California have burned this year, and 18,000 firefighters are still battling 27 major wildfires across the sooty state sometimes called golden. And every day, high above the smoke, a military drone with a wingspan roughly 10 times that of LeBron James feeds infrared video of the flames back to… Read More »

A Ransomware Attack Has Struck a Major US Hospital Chain

Universal Health Services, a hospital and health care network with more than 400 facilities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and United Kingdom, suffered a ransomware attack early Sunday morning that has taken down its digital networks at locations around the US. As the situation has spiraled, some patients have reportedly been rerouted to other… Read More »

How to Watch the First 2020 Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden kicks off Tuesday, September 29, from Cleveland. With only 36 days until Election Day, it’s the first chance to see the two nominees square off on a range of issues. The timing is auspicious: In the past few days, Trump nominated conservative judge Amy Coney… Read More »

In ‘Hades,’ the Underworld Is Your Playground

Ever since I was little, when a family friend fired up their PlayStation and I played my first round of Tekken, I’ve loved video games—but I’ve never been particularly good at them. In a world of speed runners and min-maxxers, I’m the type of player that chooses the easiest difficulty level. I play games for… Read More »

Audeze LCD-1 Review: The Best Headphones Under $500

Headphones have a funny way of dividing themselves into categories based on things other than sound quality. Planning to take them on sweaty workouts? You should get wireless earbuds, which are small and portable. Looking to work from home without the tiny tots in your life screaming into your morning emails? Try something with noise-canceling… Read More »

Could the National HIV Strategy Help Guide the Covid Fight?

That could not be more different than the current situation with Covid-19—which, if trends don’t change, will be the third-leading cause of death in the US by the end of the year, behind only heart disease and cancer. Though the federal government is putting effort behind vaccine development with Operation Warp Speed, there is still… Read More »

Peak Newsletter? That Was 80 Years Ago

In Fact was a 4-page news sheet written almost entirely by Seldes, and it sold for two cents. Seldes attacked newspapers that took ad money from tobacco companies and failed to report on the health risks of cigarettes. He went after strike-breakers. He reported on the FBI’s surveillance of unions (and drew FBI attention of… Read More »

Testing Won’t Save Us From Covid-19

We’ve known it since the early days of the pandemic: To stop the spread of Covid-19, we need more and better testing. But with the crisis marching toward what could be a very dark winter, this old and sensible idea has lately been recast as a fantasy solution. If our Covid tests were only cheap… Read More »