Types of RAID Recovery Services

By | August 25, 2020

Types of RAID Recovery Services : To address the most important question which comes in the user’s mind is the cost of availing these services. Well, the value of the service can be estimated once a proper analysis of the RAID server is done.


Techchef Data Recovery-

This website has an experience of more than a decade in providing these services to the users. They claim to deliver skilled RAID Data Recovery with a 100% chance of recovering crashed and failed RAID server data.

Techchef Data Recovery will help you with RAID server data recovery requirements and will get you back to your business in no time.

With the best crew of engineers, they have a success rate of 95% in the attempts that they have made at data recovery.

They are reputed for their skills in performing successful RAID recoveries on a wide range of hardware.

Ontrack –

They have engineers who are backed by over 25 years of experience of data recovery research, development, and experience and have the knowledge and tools to get the data back.

They can perform data recoveries on any RAID level, controller, architecture, which includes software-designed storage, and any hardware type, make, or model.

They claim to solve all your issue no matter if it has suffered physical damage or has undergone a logical failure.


This website offers you a range of services and will match your specific needs to sort all the issues which you have related to your RAID recovery.

They also provide their customers with several service options such as in a lab, remote RAID Data Recovery, on-site recovery, and custom RAID Data Recovery.

You can speak to any of the consultants of data recovery and decide the option which will be the best for you.

Well, this is pretty much with the options which we have for you. Now, all you have to do is pick the best services for yourself, and you’ll get all of your data recovered.

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